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CoinPoker Players Mass Exit! CHP’s Post-ICO Bad Beat Continues

CoinPoker Players Mass Exit! CHP’s Post-ICO Bad Beat Continues

CoinPoker seems to have lost the steam it almost starting gaining when it was ICO’ing the CHP token last year. After the embarrassing launch, not only with the ICO but the site itself, it seems destined to have an average of 20 players on the site at anytime before dying. These are not the type of numbers a poker site can earn enough player rake to run a company with.

Luckily, the owners earned millions with the ICO and don’t have to worry about making it better with players still complaining.

The traffic on the site is lower than TonyG’s real money poker site (with the same software oddly) that has struggled for years to gain players.


Party Poker New Jersey? You can’t beat the 3rd ranked poker site in the state of New Jersey…there are only 9 million people in the state that can play poker there, CoinPoker has the entire world to market their product to.

Perhaps launching a poker site that players need to own Ethereum to play wasn’t the best approach. There isn’t any easy way for Bitcoin holder’s to buy their magical shitcoin CHP without going to the few exchanges that carry it.

Who launches a crypto poker site that KYC’s customers before they can play at a table anyways? Crypto isn’t about Orwellian capitalists, setting up rules for people to use their money. Seriously, you guys need to get a clue what crypto is about, buying bitcoin and hating everyone else’s altcoins…obviously.

Speaking of shitcoins, CoinPoker (CHP) is bouncing between $0.009 and $0.01 for the last week, after ICO’ing in the $0.07-$0.12 range, who wants to gamble with an altcoin that loses value while you’re gambling?

Our bias (and stupidity) should be noted here, as we are well aware that our bitcoin poker favorites has listed, while their traffic is actually WORSE than Coinpoker’s abysmal poker traffic.

So just to clarify that is at least worthy of “checking out” because:

1. Is in Beta still with cash game tables only

2. Didn’t ICO and take millions of  dollars worth of people’s crypto currency

3. They are an anonymous BITCOIN Poker site

4. They have a bitcoin faucet. Who doesn’t want to splash around in some pots with some free bitcoin?