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Best Bitcoin Faucets 2018

What are bitcoin faucets?

A reward system that websites and apps offer small amounts of free bitcoin for using (testing) their products and services.

Gavin Andresen developed the bitcoin faucet in 2010 that offered 5 BTC for simply solving captcha on a website. This was to introduce new users to bitcoin and has become a standard way for people to get free bitcoin for trying out a new game or website.

The amount of free bitcoin you can earn from faucets is usually only a few satoshi’s for each participant but there are always sites running faucets to try out new games and websites. We’ve broken down the best options below for anyone wanting to find free bitcoin online.

Best Bitcoin Faucets for Free Bitcoin

Free Bitcoin Lottery

Free bitcoin from freebitco.in has been running since 2013. Every hour players can roll for free bitcoin and use it for games or lottery tickets they offer on the website.

After rolling dice for free bitcoin every hour, games like bet hi lo are available to increase or decrease your free faucet bitcoin.

The weekly lottery pays just over 1 BTC, second prize averages 0,6 bitcoins every week.
Cypto Poker Club Freerolls 

Launching a real money poker site is quite unlikely to happen now that the bitcoin poker sites like Crypto Poker Club are taking small amounts of real money poker players more and more.

Crypto Poker Club

Languages Supported: English

Crypto Poker Club

Worldwide Players Accepted

Daily Freerolls

BTC and ETH Deposits Available

The site recently launched and is running 5 mBTC (0.005 BTC) Freerolls every 2 hours for new sign ups at Crypto Poker Club.

Bitvest Casino Faucet

Play casino games at Bitvest and use the token faucet when you create your account. Tokens used to gamble with on Bitvest can be converted to bitcoin and sent to your hardware wallet. Play slots, dice, plinko (pachinko), roulette or spin their bitspin wheel for more tokens that can be converted to BTC.

CryptoSkull Faucet

Fans of minesweeper will enjoy the 500 free satoshi’s every 30 minutes after signing up and gamblers will deposit and play for more bitcoin at CryptoSkull.

Stake Bitcoin Casino

More free bitcoin for gambling at Stake with their bitcoin faucet and provably fair casino games open to everyone. Open to players around the world and translated to Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, Japanese and French.


Languages Supported: English, 日本語, русский, Português, Español and Francais


Solve Captcha for Free Bitcoin



Unique Provably Fair Games
Sell Junk on Open Bazaar

This isn’t a faucet but probably the simplest way to get bitcoin without spending any money. OpenBazaar is a free online marketplace similar to Ebay or Amazon. There are no platform fee’s, monthly or listing fee’s, no bank account required to sell your old junk (or valuable items) to other people around the world.


Cointiply is basically a bitcoin faucet community. Members can roll dice every hour for their free bitcoin. They also cover tons of faucets for games, videos and ads to watch for anyone that wants to grind bitcoin faucets.

Yet Another BTC Lottery

The worst gambling site name ever award goes to Yet Another Bitcoin Lottery. It’s called branding people. It’s not hard to do, Yet Another Bitcoin Lottery was started by people that were too busy snorting blow to come up with a good gambling site name. We can think of at least 3 names that are better than their current one: 1. Lotto Bits 2. BitLotto 5000 3. CryptoPowerBall.

See. It’s not hard to come up with names. Especially if you’ve been drinking as much as we have today, it’s simple.

YABTCL.com have a provably fair lottery game and offers players 100 satoshi with their bitcoin faucet to try out the game.

Bitcoin Lottery

Languages Supported: English, ไทย, 中文, русский, Português, Español, Deutsche and Türk

Yet Another BTC Lotto

Anonymous Lottery Winnings


The BEST faucets for free bitcoin and ethereum offer small drips of satoshi’s for the most part now. A lot of the faucet sites now are run by marketers that want ad views to show users faucets but the actual amount a person can use from the majority of faucets currently is quite low.


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