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Alive Casino ICO – The Risk-Free Gambling ICO to LOSE MONEY

Another day, another five ICO’s and two gambling websites launched, that nobody asked for. Wasting money on either is common these days but common sense says “the Alive Casino ICO is a stupid idea,” that will fail. After taking $35 million from investors with their ICO.

Alive Casino plans to be a VR Casino, using blockchain and Social Media, because the world needs this more blockchain, social media and VR games to play. All their team needs is $35 million of other people’s Ethereum in their pockets and a couple years of excuses to waste everyone’s time and money.

The Pitch

From the whitepaper:

The Alive Casino has three major, mutually dependent pillars

– Virtual Reality Enabled Gaming.

– Integrated Social Networking

– A Blockchain-based Secure Payment System.

The Virtual Reality Casino

The “first mover” advantage pitch to investors is bullshit if anyone went to slots million and played VR on their site. Nobody has though… because nobody really owns or uses VR.

Integrated Social Networking

From the whitepaper:

“Alive will promote the Alive Casino through a targeted – content marketing campaign on Facebook, Twitter, Google Ads, YouTube, and the Alive blog. This campaign will cover a large portion of the mass market, as the majority of potential customers can be expected to be at least moderately active on at least one of these platforms. These platforms also provide optimized audience – targeting features.”

Why would any gambler post on their social media about gambling online, especially when the Billion Dollar Industry makes that money from people LOSING MONEY?

“Sup Fam, just bet $500 on 19 red for an hour and not posting travelling pics for a few months”

People are moving away from giving these platforms information about themselves and you want to target gamblers on them. Did anyone check to see what the advertising standards on those platforms are before putting that in the whitepaper? Lots of online casinos and affiliates know what they are and have rarely seen good returns, if not outright bans, from trying to advertise on them. Good luck though.

A Blockchain Based Secure Payment System

Tons of people can create an ERC20 Token in an hour, FunFair cost $0.17 in January and is worth $0.02 per token now. Burst was worth $0.07 and now barely a penny to buy the token.

Common sense says to wait 6 months after the launch of a gambling projects PRODUCT and then buy the tokens if you are still interested. Anyone who was looking for “easy gains” has usually sold at a loss by then.

ICO’s and token sales are just a way to sell people a dream of investing in a company that could do something. By the time they’ve failed, the team will be onto other projects, while investors argue about why they failed.

The “planned” launch date for an actual product is Q1 2020…but wait there’s more.

The whitepaper also claims that “40% of the Alive Casino profits will be distributed quarterly to token holders” which means nothing if the VR Casino that nobody has ever heard of (or asked to be built), runs in the red for 2 years and then folds.

Hundreds of online poker, casino and sports betting sites have folded over the last decade believing launching anything new in gambling is ‘easy money,’ then found out the hard way it is difficult.

The benefit with the ICO is they can test their bad idea with regular folks money because knowledgeable investors within the gambling space would never invest $35 million dollars in this.

Holdback of Tokens for Alive Casino Staff

30% of the total tokens created will be held by the company, of the total supply of 1,000,000,000 AL Tokens. The other 700,000,000 AL Tokens will be sold off to anyone who has ever dreamed of wasting their time and money on a project that will fail.

The breakdown from the whitepaper is as follows:

The first 100,000,000 AL Tokens will be sold at $0.015 giving the project $1,500,000

The next 150,000,000 AL Tokens will go for $.02 giving the project another $3,000,000

The next 200,000,000 AL Tokens will be sold for approximately $.04 a token for another $8,000,000 in funding.

Then the public sale for whitelisted investors who may need to fill out their KYC forms will release 250,000,000 AL tokens at $0.09 for another $22,500,000.

$35,000,000 to launch a Virtual Reality Casino in 2020 that will try to integrate social media in VR for gamblers.


The people selling the AL token are the casino and the investors are the gamblers, with 100:1 odds of seeing a return on any investment made.


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