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Best Bitcoin Mine Sweeper Games

One of the most popular classic PC Games that everyone knows is now available for playing online and winning bitcoin playing. With bitcoin faucets to offer players free bitcoin to even try the games, this is a no lose scenario for anyone curious about playing the game online. The earnings from the free bitcoin games can be withdrawn from the sites mentioned below to any players wallet. For the mine sweeper lovers, this could be a very profitable way that many of us have wasted time with playing the free version for years.

Crypto Games Mine Sweeper

Bitcoin Faucet for Free Bitcoin, great game play and easy payouts for players winnings, Crypto Games Mine Sweeper is our #1 Pick

CryptoGames Minesweeper

With a bet of 0.0000001 bitcoin, only four steps are required for a 4.3X offer to have 0.00000043

Crypto Games MineSweeper

Just take the offer at any level to increase your bankroll at CryptoGames or keep gambling to complete each board

Larger Minesweeper Boards

For those wanting different boards to play, many options are available on crypto games


Bitcoin games from dice, slots, wheel of fortune and minesweeper of course make this bitcoin casino one of the more popular ones available since 2015. For people still waiting to buy bitcoin, the bitcoin faucet for a small amount of free bitcoin to test the games, is available to everyone by solving captcha on their site.

Crypto Skull

Any Bitcoin Faucet to test a decent game works for us. Cryptoskull has a few hundred minesweeper players winning bitcoin daily.

Crypto Skull

One of the more difficult minesweeper options available, perhaps we are just terrible at the game. While not the most enjoyable game play for the ones available, free bitcoin is free bitcoin people. The site recently launched in 2017, so the jury is still out on bitcoin deposits and withdrawals for Crypto Skull.

Satoshi Mines

Branded as a minesweeper bitcoin game, with an interface out of the 80’s is Satoshi Mines. The game is similar to others offered, with only 3 hidden “mines” per board and the cash out option open with every bomb dodged.

Satoshi Mines

This minesweeper game has been a favorite of bitcoin gamblers since 2013 but we can’t really figure out why. Other than this being one of the original options available for bitcoin gamblers, better game play and boards for minesweeper are available.


Hundreds of players daily since 2015, a bitcoin faucet and a minesweeper board that is super hard, everyone into bitcoin comes across BitKong at some point in their gambling lives.


BitKong claim to be the “most addictive” bitcoin game ever… it isn’t. It’s decent and definitely good for lovers of minesweeper but roulette, blackjack and sports betting with bitcoin are all WAY more addictive than BitKong. Many sites claim to have a great “strategy” for winning tons of bitcoin at BitKong. There isn’t one, it’s like a slot machine that just happens to have minesweeper as the game.

Bitcoin Minesweeper Games to Avoid

BetChain offer minesweeper and have scam accusations consistently


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