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Bitcoin Indian Premier League Cricket Betting

Betting on cricket in India has been hugely popular on sites like betfair and bet365 offering Indian Rupee cricket betting for years. Now that bitcoin is significantly more valuable than the Rupee, bitcoin ipl betting has more than a couple sites offering better odds than real money sportsbooks.

Below you’ll find the top 5 bitcoin Indian Premier League betting sites for 2019 with bonuses, best odds and which altcoins are accepted for betting. For those keen on betfair ipl betting, there is a bitcoin market betting site noted below our list of favorites. The reason it isn’t on the list is that football and baseball are the only bitcoin market betting happening right now.

For those wanting odds as good as bet365 cricket offers, fear not, the bitcoin cricket betting sites know their betting lines need to be competitive and the ones below are popular with many bitcoin bettors.

The Best Bitcoin IPL Cricket Betting Sites in 2021 are:

BTC IPL Cricket betting top rated sites
Crypto Sports and Provably Fair Casino Betting
2013Where ProhibitedBitcoinContinue
Free Bitcoin Casino Games
2017USABitcoin, ETH, XRPContinue
Massive Crypto Sports and Casino Betting
2022USA, Aus, UK, FR, ES, DKBTC, ETH. SOL, TetherContinue
Bitcoin Casino
Bitcoin Casino
2013USA, IT, UK, HK, SGBitcoinContinue

**Gambling Sites showing any indication players crypto could be at risk will be removed immediately

***No Fee’s or “paid placements” have been made by the sites listed


**The biggest scammers in crypto gambling currently are the alt-coin gambling sites. NOT supporting bitcoin should be considered suspicious, even to a crypto gambler.

More Bitcoin IPL Cricket Betting Sites

The top five are always sports sites that have offered great odds and paid players consistently, the last thing anyone wants is to lose their crypto currency. Most people gambling with bitcoin or altcoins on cricket know the odds they can get on bet365 and betfair bets, so the bitcoin sports betting sites have to be comparable or better with their odds.

For those wanting a betting market exchange like betfair has offered for years, fairlay are consistently running football and baseball peer to peer betting. Anyone can create a betting market and offer others on the site a wager for a match, political event or even bet on the price of different cryptos. The better action is on OneHash with their mutual betting platform currently.

fairlay bitcoin indian cricket betting platform


Languages Available: English

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash and Bcash

If none of the above have peaked your interest, there is still bitcoin rush, offering some of the absolute best odds for matches they run betting lines on. The betting odds are so good, they don’t take bets on every match but many football bettors check this site to see their offer before placing a bet with a competitor.

bitcoin rush cricket betting app

Bitcoin Rush

English Only Sports Betting

VIP Rewards for Bettors

Bitcoin, Litecoin, Flashcoin Betting

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