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China Gambling Guide

Online Gambling in China with real money has been extremely difficult with the great firewall policing the internet, government control over the People’s Bank of China and the archaic laws claiming gambling is illegal. Thank Satoshi there are now bitcoin casino and sports betting sites. Imagine relying on the low payouts of the China Sports Lottery and the China Welfare Lottery. Bitcoin helps people in China have better gambling options and stores Asians wealth more securely than the People’s Bank of China.  Even betting on the housing crash in China isn’t something we’d ever consider because the government owned bank says “everything is fine” with China’s economy.

Online Gambling in China

Now that getting a VPN in China is quite common and buying bitcoin is increasingly popular, it only makes sense to find the best sports betting sites using bitcoin for lucky gamblers to double it up. All of the bitcoin gambling sites below have been offering slots, baccarat, roulette, poker and sports betting to players around the world. Customer support is in Chinese and English with anonymous gambling, so the People’s Bank of China will be none the wiser. Whenever gambling anonymously with bitcoin, we’ve always felt our luck increases by over 50% and hope this luck spreads to our Chinese friends.

The most popular bitcoin gambling sites available in China are:

Bitcoin China GamblingOfferLaunchedBlockedCurrencies
Free Bitcoin to Try "Provably-Fair" Casino Games2017USABitcoin, ETHContinue
Crypto Sports and Casino Gambling2013Where ProhibitedBitcoinContinue
Mutual Bitcoin Betting Platform that became Casino2014NoneBitcoinContinue
Bitcoin Faucet for Provably Fair Casino Games2014NoneBitcoin, ETH, AltsContinue
Bitcoin Faucet for Provably Fair Casino Games2015NL, FR, USBitcoin, ETH, AltsContinue

Playing Baccarat with Bitcoin from China

China’s favorite skill games may include Mahjong and Go but we prefer testing our luck in baccarat over those two games. Bitcoin Baccarat Squeeze makes us feel like players and bankers at the same time when we hit bonuses. Playing baccarat on CoinRoyale in Chinese was a little difficult for us but we are sure Chinese gamblers will enjoy this online casino.

Bitcoin Baccarat Squeeze

CoinRoyale also has Chinese language support and offers 100% deposit bonus up to 1,000 mBTC with redeposit bonuses for anyone getting unlucky from time to time.



提供5个现场经销商百家乐表格 中文支持


There is also BitcoinCasino.US Baccarat (in Engrish), allowing players from China to play baccarat, we prefer the Chinese one offered by though.


百家乐零佣金游戏可用 现场经销商百家乐表格 中文支持
Both offer provably fair bitcoin gambling games, allowing players to see that the cards were dealt without any interference by the casinos.

Bitcoin Gambling Lottopop Classic

Since we will heavily focus on offering the best gambling experience for Chinese players using bitcoin, we just want to point out that they have this Lottopop classic game with chips sold for bitcoin. Every game we tried is actually translated and better than the rest of the bitcoin casinos currently, we will definitely update this as more casinos become serious in China. Having said that, people in the West are often confused ro how this Lottopop game works. We tried to gamble on it, we really did. If any Asians could tell us how to gamble on this and start getting lucky on whatever this game is, we (and our bitcoin) would really appreciate it.

Play Sic Bo with Bitcoin

Of all of the Sic Bo games available at bitcoin casinos, really does have the best one we’ve seen. We’re even looking for better versions so it doesn’t seem weird that we like their options for Chinese players but they’ve really done their work to cater to Asian gamblers. Sic Bo on could use a few translations in areas from English but this was the best by far of all the Sick Bo offers we checked.


提供5个现场经销商百家乐表格 中文支持

7Bit Casino

A close second for playing Sic Bo with bitcoin is 7Bit Casino. While they will allow Chinese players, they don’t offer games in Chinese to players, so we had to take the Sic Bo as being the best currently.

7Bit Casino


存款人100免费旋转 中文支持

Slot Machines in China (老虎机) Accepting Bitcoin

The slots offered at and 7bitcasino are some of the most popular online slots spinning currently. Constant bonuses and free spins for players, make these the slots everyone is playing currently. Since 7Bit Casino is only offered in English, we’ll assume is the preferred Chinese gambling experience, once again.

For anyone scared of clowns like we are, they do have a ton of great slot games available without those frightening characters that make us look in storm drains all of the time. Like Big Blox, the slot that made us cancel Netflix because the Big Blox slot changes far more than what Netflix offers us every month.
The bonus with and their 100% deposit bonus up to 1,000 mBTC is that they also offer Pontoon (in English) for Chinese players as well.

BlackJack (二十一点) with Bitcoin in China

We would have loved to find Chinese Blackjack (21 point) or even Kampung Blackjack for the Malaysian bitcoin gamblers but unfortunately the standard casino blackjack is all we can gamble on with bitcoin currently. Everyone in crypto knows that Satoshi played ban-nag, celebrating the year of the Ox before releasing bitcoin. We’re hoping some altcoin developers stop wasting their time and get those games online for everyone some day. Until then, here is blackjack with bitcoin in Chinese:


提供十二个轮盘游戏 中文支持 also offer Pontoon (in English) for Chinese players as well 8 other variations of blackjack around the world to bitcoin gamblers.

Pai Gow Poker (牌九扑克)

Since Pai Gow is too difficult for western casinos to offer in Chinese, the Americanized Pai Gow Poker is the closest we could find available for players in Asia. And then we had to go with Cloudbet as it has the most options for bitcoin pai gow currently. And they are all in English currently so it’s probably best to stick to baccarat anyways.

Online Roulette (轮盘赌) in China

We’ll give a last shout out to bitcasino,io with this one, as all of the bitcoin casino sites use English roulette games for Asian players currently. There is one favorite roulette game they have, along with 9 other roulette games on the site, multi wheel roulette. It seems the people who invented roulette didn’t realize that 8 wheels are more fun than 1 when gambling. Every casino is offering the game incorrectly, in our opinions, now that we’ve played this.


提供十二个轮盘游戏 中文支持

Sports Betting from China with Bitcoin

The good people at mentioned above, also run a sportsbook. A sportsbook that conveniently offers betting in Chinese. That’s not all, they also accept bitcoin. Unlike the People’s Bank of China, who cannot be trusted with your bitcoin, will accept bitcoin and let you gamble with it. They will even return your winnings to your bitcoin wallet when you ask them to.

Don’t take our western words for how good their sports betting offer is in China. They paid someone (probably a Chinese person) to explain the amazing bonus offer that sports bettors from China receive.

Launched in 2016, currently offers some of the best sports betting odds online in English, Japanese Portuguese and Chinese

超级联赛投注 中文支持


Peer to peer sports betting available in English, Portugese and Chinese, rather than taking the sports betting sites odds for bets, players can bet against a Brazilian on almost any of their football matches for some great odds.


Languages Supported: Português, English, 中文, русский, Español and Francais


Founded in 2015

Peer to Peer Bitcoin Sports Betting

Mutual Bitcoin Betting

The other option for Chinese sports betting, is the extremely popular Nitrogen Sports. Both and Nitrogen Sports allow anonymous gambling for players around the world. Just gamble in your browser if you want, they will allow bitcoin deposits and withdrawals to anyone. Nitrogen Sports have some of the best sports betting odds and have been paying gamblers since 2014 using their anonymous bitcoin sportsbook. Withdrawing bitcoin from either casino will take less than hour, compared to wiring money to a Chinese bank, the future of gambling in China is in bitcoin

Online Poker in China with Bitcoin

Normally we would look for a Chinese poker game or open face Chinese poker and mention how it’s available online but it isn’t as good as what China already has. The dou dizhu games we have seen players in China playing have us wanting to gamble on this game. We have this dou dizhu app running but are looking for the cool one all the cool Asian gamblers are using:

This dou dizhu game is not offered to westerners, that we have seen or heard about anyways, perhaps it’s better left in China. When we find a version we can gamble with online, using bitcoin, we are definitely posting it here for Chinese poker players to check out. The Open Face Chinese Poker games that are running online are slim to none and not worth posing about here. We are pretty sure westerners created OFC Poker and real Asian gamblers focus on dou dizhu, we know we would. If you want to hear about TonyBet’s crappy OFC Poker games offered though, go check one of their shill websites that promote it. It’s lame and everyone knows it. The English software (we heard Chinese translations are coming soon) that crypto poker club runs bitcoin and ethereum texas hold’em and omaha games for players worldwide is quite solid. There are even freerolls running every two hours for players wanting to play tournament poker for a small amount of free bitcoin. It is a decent option for bitcoin poker and bitcoin freerolls in our opinion.

Online Mahjong 麻将

We did try to find some online mahjong games with bitcoin gambling involved, it seems this is not as popular for actual gambling as it is a game everyone plays in China. The popular Online Mahjong games are at and appears a little more western mahjong than tenhou,net. Chinese people wanting to beat Americans at Mahjong can probably do it at easily. Both run tournaments players can cash in, the mahjong tournament schedule has fairly small prize pools and player turnouts for anyone to get too excited about currently. This could be due to baccarat and slots being much more fun than Mahjong. We wouldn’t know because there isn’t a Mahjong game in our local casino. We checked.

Bitcoin Casinos to Avoid  

We don’t trust many online casinos, poker or sports betting sites. When we do we’re shocked enough to actually post information about them like you see above, almost all of the online casinos on our main casino page are covered for being shady or stealing players money. Planet 7 Casino, Bovada Casino, Drake Ignition Casino, Cafe Casino, Casino Las Vegas USA, William Hill Casino, Ladbrokes Casino, CrazyWinners, EuroForune, Play2Win are all to be avoided for different levels of shadiness and/or annoying support to players. Betchan have a reputation we mention avoiding them on our bitcoin casinos (worldwide) page. Like getting so many complaints, we feel lucky to have never played there. Betcoin scammed people that wrote about it. have upset people in the bitcoin and gambling community. Any casino owned by Game Tech N.V. is bad luck to play on. Oceanbets are scammers from a group that has to create new casinos and hide that they own them every few months. Same people that own ParkLane Casino, Enzo Casino, Triomphe Casino, Casino1 etc…. Playtech casino games are lame and boring for gamblers. You have been warned.

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