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Online Sports Betting with Bitcoin and Real Money Sites

Sports betting in the US, Canada, Europe, UK and China for real money and bitcoin have gamblers constantly asking which sites in every country have the best line, while taking the least juice. Bitcoin sports betting, offshore sports betting and regulated sportsbooks have different options and odds offered to players everywhere in the world. Finding the best odds for a game anyone can bet on is actually easier than ever before.

Real money sports betting is going to be the most common way to bet on sports, casino and poker for a very long time. Regardless of the bitcoin media hype about the price of bitcoin. Just because we like and believe in the technology behind bitcoin, doesn’t mean we always want to use it to gamble with. If it’s value has dropped 20-30% recently then we don’t mind gambling with it, since we’re spending our money buying more bitcoin anyways, real money sports betting is still offering most of the best money lines and spreads over crypto currency.

Real Money Sports Betting

Good Deposit Bonuses

Most Trustworthy Betting Sites

Save Money for Bitcoin

Bitcoin Sports Betting

Comparable (or Better) Odds than Real Money Betting

Available in Communist Countries

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Country Regulations

The betting apps we use and mention for countries like India and Brazil, are actually from researching these countries available and popular gambling options. This is a little different than the thousands of sites online that try to market crappy sportsbooks for ad sales. The hardest markets to gamble in with real money, will almost always default to bitcoin and altcoin sports betting sites as options because of dictators that don’t allow legal gambling in some countries. This is where the Crypto Gambling Guides for specific countries best options come into play.

In countries like the US, where legal sports betting on a state-by-state basis is all over the news, most agree that gamblers will still bet with the offshore sports betting sites for real money. Betting will obviously continue on bitcoin sports betting sites, players being able to gamble anonymously during the Super Bowl is actually a cool option to have.

Legislation in the US will come with high costs and taxes for the sportsbooks asking to be regulated, those costs and taxes will affect the potential earnings for their customers. Offshore and crypto currency gambling sites will have a market to themselves for the non-legislated states, as well as the gamblers that don’t want their winnings taxed.

Crypto Currency Gambling

We’re into bitcoin and altcoins obviously. Not always in relation to gambling with crypto currency but as an interesting way for people to store and transfer money in the future. Avoiding the intermediaries and bank fee’s that we could all save.

The Crypto Currency Country Guides have notes on the political and economic reasons countries like India and Brazil not only have trouble buying bitcoin but the reasons buying crypto currency anonymously is actually a good idea in those countries. While we joke about the problems US crypto enthusiasts have buying bitcoin and altcoins, countries hit by hyperinflation like Venezuela are actually in desperate need of a decent currency.

Game Specific Odds

Every sports betting site has their good and their bad money line sports they offer and then there are sportsbooks like 5dimes that should just go away. For NFL and Super Bowl Betting, Premier and Champions League Betting, Mixed Martial Arts, Basketball, Baseball, Horse Racing, Rugby, Tennis and Golf a lot of the sportsbooks overlap but a few have only one or two sports they really care about offering good betting odds.

Most gamblers create accounts at the top 3 betting sites for their sport and deposit enough to cover their average bets expected for matches to always get the best odds for each bet. It’s surprising how many are decent in American and English Football but offer nothing else decent.

Sports Betting Sites to AVOID

This list could make the bible look like “light reading,” if all of the terrible sportsbooks over the years were actually compiled in one place.

The current terrible sports betting odds, customer support, slow withdrawals and/or betting limitations for winning players are:

William Hill, Ladbrokes, Gala, Coral, Paddy Power, Betfair, Bodog, Bovada all have competitors that are way better for gamblers or completely suck and should just close. Nobody needs this many bad betting options sheeple!

Others to never think twice about avoiding include Betcoin, 5Dimes, Directbet (RIP you bastards) and Anonibet which is a scam,

BetUS should rebrand as WelchUS

Oddsmaker would scam their own mothers on a bet. Then would try to scam her because wolves travel in packs. Definitely avoid oddsmaker and, unless you’re recently released from prison and looking to rob people digitally. was a huge scam that is closed now.

1Xbet / 1Xbit is a Russian bookmaker that doesn’t pay players. People are actually looking to sue 1Xbet / 1Xbit for funds owed.

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