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Best Bitcoin Horse Racing Sites

Bitcoin horse racing sites are what every gambler familiar with real money horse race betting websites have been asking for ever since bitcoin gambling became a “thing” people could do. Although the real money horse racing options aren’t adapting to bitcoin as quickly as some of us would like, the few bitcoin and altcoin horse racing options will only increase as bitcoin and altcoins become more popular.

Below we cover the best bitcoin horse racing options, however there are major “plans” for Ethereum projects to launch decent products for Ethereum Horse Racing in the future. For now, we only have the digital gold options for a day at the virtual track.

The Top Bitcoin Horse Racing Options currently are:

Bitcoin Prediction Market BettingBitcoinContinue
nitrogen sportsAnonymous SportsbettingBitcoinContinue

**Gambling Sites showing any indication players crypto could be at risk will be removed immediately

***No Fee’s or “paid placements” have been made by the sites listed


**The biggest scammers in crypto gambling currently are the alt-coin gambling sites. NOT supporting bitcoin should be considered suspicious, even to a crypto gambler.

Languages Available: English, 日本語,  中文, русский, Português, Español, 한국어

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Dash

Mbetio is specializing in horse, harness and greyhound racing betting with the usual international sports betting options available like football and rugby that sportsbooks carry. The site allows deposits and betting with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Dash for all betting and is available in English, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, Russian and Portuguese for players around the world to participate.  


Languages Available: English

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash and Bcash


Unlike most sports betting online, where players are betting on games at odds set by a bookie, Fairlay is taking the route of being a betting exchange and prediction for person to person betting. It is popular enough to have 50BTC in bets daily on average currently, since players can literally bet on anything, everyone appears to be doing just that.


Languages Supported: English


Credit Card and Bitcoin Accepted

Players Accepted Worldwide

50% Deposit Bonus + $50 Free Bet


BetOnline is a multi-platform, real money and bitcoin gambling site offering horse racing, esports betting, poker, casino and traditional sports betting odds. Accepting Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin along with real money deposits and withdrawals makes BetOnline one of the more popular bitcoin sports betting options, having offered bets for over 20 years.

Crypto Horse Racing Projects

Interesting “projects” exist on the other blockchains, most trying to integrate crypto kitties type breeding and ownership of virtual horses, along with horse racing. Whether these projects launch or will be successful is anyone’s guess as smart contracts and integrating these with betting on the blockchain is being “tested” on Ethereum, EOS and other blockchains.

We’ll cover the few we’re aware of as there are more than a couple projects going on that could be quite interesting in the future.


Ethorse had an ICO for their horse racing platform on Ethereum launching soon. Even though the Token has tanked since the ICO (as ICO Tokens seem to always do), the project itself could become quite interesting for new gambling products that mix collecting and betting into one platform.

Crypto Horse

While spending 889 ETH on a virtually created Ethereum-based horse might sound a little bit crazy…ok…it’s completely insane. There is even a jockey marketplace, saddles and other items to buy with ETH. They don’t even race the virtual horses from what we can tell. Why would anyone buy a horse and not race it?

Anyone interested in buying some digital horses for massive gains check out Crypto Horse and waste your Ethereum to your hearts content.

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