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Similar to buying crypto currencies, online gambling sites accepting bitcoin and alt-coins are a lot like the wild west currently. The games using “provably fair” gambling do offer more trust when betting online than 3rd party verification companies, the customer service can be severely lacking with a lot of sportsbooks and casinos popping up. We’ve followed real money poker, casino and sports betting for years and seeing the shift to bitcoin sports betting and casinos has been extremely interesting.

There are many online gambling sites players should avoid, approximately 90% of sites are offering almost the same products and services. So we avoid having a review of every one and just stick to the best options for players looking to gamble safely and securely.

Whether looking for Bitcoin Premier League Betting, Bitcoin NFL Football Betting, Bitcoin India Premier Cricket Betting or even bitcoin horse race betting and bitcoin e-sports, we cover it all. Making it easy for everyone to check out the most trustworthy and best crypto gambling sites online to place their bets.

Some of the Best Crypto Gambling Sites in 2019 include:

Crypto Gambling SitesOfferLaunchedBlocked Currencies 
Free Bitcoin Casino Games2017USABitcoin, ETH Sign Up
Free Bitcoin Poker Beta NowhereBitcoin, BCH Sign Up
Free Bitcoin Casino Games 2014NoneBitcoin, ETH, AltsSign Up
Free Bitcoin Casino Games 2015NL, FR, USBitcoin, ETH, AltsSign Up
nitrogen sportsAnonymous Sports Betting 2013NoneBitcoin Sign Up
Bitcoin Mine Sweeper2016NoneBitcoin, ETH, AltsSign Up
Bitcoin Prediction Market Betting2013NY, WashingtonBitcoinSign Up
Mutual Bitcoin Betting Platform2014NoneBitcoinSign Up
Best Sports Odds 2013None Bitcoin, LTC, AltsSign Up
Bitcoin Horse Race Betting2018US, Australia, UK Bitcoin, ETH, AltsSign Up

More Crypto Gambling Sites

We do avoid listing any of the “newest” crypto gambling sites because their withdrawal history with players bitcoin, ethereum and altcoins needs to be proven before gamblers can deposit. Especially if the offer is too good to be true in crypto, it probably is.

Our coverage of crypto gambling for bitcoin casino and ethereum casino also let’s players  find the best bitcoin baccarat, bitcoin slots, roulette, blackjack and even bitcoin lotteries that are paying winnings from 0.0005 BTC to 5,000 BTC Monthly!

Gambling by Country

With online gambling having different legislation and laws around the world, bitcoin gambling has become popular in many countries where online gambling is illegal. With so many TOR network and VPN users from the USA, Russia, Indonesia, India and the United Kingdom, we’ve covered the best bitcoin gambling options for many countries in our gambling country guides section.

Buying Bitcoin

The most popular and secure exchanges worldwide

Anonymous Exchanges

Keep your information safe by not giving it out

Crypto Trading

Buying and Selling “Shit-Coins”

Learn about Crypto Currencies

Much like online gambling (only slightly healthier to participate heavily in), people new to bitcoin and altcoins have more questions than ever before, with less trustworthy resources available.

Rather than pretending people NEED to buy bitcoin (they don’t), we prefer to explain what bitcoin is, why it is so valuable to some people around the world, for anyone curious about this technology that want to avoid “hype.”

Explaining how bitcoin and altcoins differ, as well as how initial coin offerings (ICO’s) have become the new (unregulated) stock market, allows people to make up their own minds whether bitcoin, altcoins or ICO’s are something they see value in, or just enjoy watching from the sidelines.

Financial markets in countries like Venezuela, India, Turkey and Russia, now have an “underground” digital money that people use to avoid Rubles, Bolivar, Rupee’s and Lira. The fallout of some currencies (like the Bolivar) are some of the first “real world” use cases of this new technology.

People fleeing countries with bitcoin to be able to sell it in different countries, will continue to grow, regardless of the “bitcoin price” headlines. The price is of no interest to people who would have lost all of their wealth in a currency affected by hyperinflation that dies.

“Even though Americans don’t necessarily need bitcoin, it offers better security to people in other countries every day.”

Americans noticing the rapid rate of bank branches closing in 2018, are at least considering storing their money outside of the banking system. Crypto currency is just one of the many options available as people in the US save more than they spend currently.

Places to Buy Bitcoin and Altcoins Worldwide

With legislation changes for crypto currency and tracking bitcoin purchasers in countries like India, Russia and Indonesia, we’re monitory the best places to buy bitcoin and altcoins in for many countries in our country guides.

The top crypto currency exchanges around the world currently are:

Top ExchangesKnown For Popular in KYC Currencies 
Trading PlatformGlobal Under 2 BTC No BTC, ETH, Alts Sign Up
Large Global Exchange Global YesBTC, ETC, AltsSign Up
Large Global Exchange Latin America, Europe, UK YesBTC, ETH, Alts Sign Up
Large Global Exchange Latin America, Europe, UK, China, RussiaYesBTC, ETH, Alts Sign Up
P2P Trading GlobalNo BTC, ETH, AltsSign Up
Credit Card / ExchangeAmerica's, Europe, Asia YesGBP, USD, EUR, BTC, ETH, AltsSign Up
Credit Card / ExchangeEverywhere except USA Yes EUR, USD, GBPSign Up
anonymous gift card bitcoin sellingAnonymous Purchases GlobalNo BTC, ETH, AltsSign Up
Exchange / P2P MarketplaceAfrica, UK, Europe, Asia YesZAR, GBP, EUR, CADSign Up
Decentralized Anonymous ExchangeGlobal NoBTC, ETH, AltsSign Up
Crypto Gambling covers bitcoin, altcoin and trading discussions for people new to crypto currencies. Along with crypto wallets, gambling in different countries and bitcoin exchanges in different countries.

This site is intended for people over the age of 18 that never gamble what they can’t afford to lose.