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The Price of Bitcoin

Watching the price of bitcoin is the newest way people waste hours of time every day. Just like YouTube and Reddit, it’s available 24 hours and changes very little, without any real substance.

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There are a few reasons people in bitcoin obviously need to know the price every now and then, it usually involves buying bitcoin at the bottom of a drop or selling it at one of the new highs. Watching the price change in small increments every day, for most hodler’s is rarely interesting as the fluctuations in price are so minimal every week.

There are many wanna-be analysts and poser stock traders pretending to predict the price of bitcoin in 3-5 years online. Along with many shills promoting altcoins that will supposedly do “new” things, that may or may not have real value, on top of the ICO’s that have created even more FUD online. Of the few people who analyze the price of bitcoin, the one person people in bitcoin trust to be close (if not exactly predicting prices), is Tone Vays.

Having been a Risk Analyst for Bear Sterns and former VP at JP Morgan gives him a little more credit than the other people on YouTube. Many claim to know how bitcoin and cryptocurrencies will fit into the existing financial markets. He hates altcoins more than we do, this frightens us at times because we like pretending we’re stock traders on the internet and gambling while we sleep with cryptocurrency.

While most won’t agree with our passion for sports betting and casinos, understanding the value owners of bitcoin find in it, is what continually increases bitcoins value. Regardless of which reason you see value in bitcoin, Tone Vays YouTube Channel predicting the price changes of bitcoin is definitely one to follow if you are buying or selling anytime in the future.

For a good idea if his analysis videos are worth it, check his December 28, 2017 video as the price was about to fall from the most recent all time high at the end of the year.

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