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Where to Buy Bitcoin

Trying to buy bitcoin with credit cards, cash and/or PayPal worldwide was initially quite easy for people until 2017. As banks and governments around the world started realizing the power a decentralized currency gives citizens, the ease of purchasing bitcoin declined dramatically.

Buying bitcoin is usually how people start buying alt-coins or “investing” (getting scammed) in ICO’s. Because regulators in every country are still writing the “rules” for this new unregulated stock market in cryptocurrency, people aren’t always certain how different countries will tax, seize or potentially try to “ban” crypto. This is why we follow anonymous exchanges as well as the best bitcoin exchanges for buying and trading cryptocurrency worldwide.

The KYC/AML rules aren’t necessarily a bad thing, however there is no agreement with exchanges how they will store your identification or who will have access to this in the future. Many people still want to avoid the problems we see daily with bank hacks losing customers personal information constantly.

The most popular and trusted exchanges to buy bitcoin around the world currently are:

Bitcoin ExchangesKnown ForPopular inKYCCurrencies
P2P TradingGlobalNoEUR, USD, BTC, ETH, AltsContinue
Decentralized Anonymous ExchangeGlobalNoEUR, USD, GBP, BTC, ETH, AltsContinue
No KYC, Low Trading Fee'sGlobalUnder 2 BTC NoBTC, ETH, AltsContinue
Large Global ExchangeGlobalYesEUR, USD, GBP, BTC, ETC, AltsContinue
Person to Person TradesGlobalYes/NoUSD, EUR, GBP, BTC, ETH, AltsContinue
Large Global ExchangeEurope, UKYesEUR, USD, GBP, BTC, ETH, AltsContinue
Large Global ExchangeLatin America, Europe, UK, China, RussiaYesEUR, USD, GBP, BTC, ETH, AltsContinue
Anonymous PurchasesGlobalNoEUR, USD, GBP, BTC, ETH, AltsContinue
Credit Card / ExchangeAmerica's, Europe, AsiaYesGBP, USD, EUR, BTC, ETH, AltsContinue
Exchange / P2P MarketplaceAfrica, UK, Europe, AsiaYesZAR, GBP, EUR, CADContinue
Exchange / Trading PlatformRussia, Europe, UK, AsiaYesRUB, USD, EURContinue
Credit Card / ExchangeEverywhere except USAYesEUR, USD, GBPContinue

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For specific countries best exchanges, check out our country crypto guide, covering the best exchanges in Brazil, India, Italy, Russia, Turkey and most of the largest countries in the world.

Bitcoin Exchanges Briefs:


The first decentralized anonymous crypto currency exchange. Buy bitcoin with any of the following deposit methods: National Bank Transfer, Cash Deposit, SEPA, MoneyBeam, Zelle, Chase QuickPay, Uphold, Cash App, Venmo, Popmoney, Revolut, Faster Payment, US Postal Money Order, Interac e-Transfer, Swish, Western Union, OKPay, Perfect Money and Alipay.


Anonymous Peer to Peer Crypto Trading


Available Worldwide

No ID Required


Anonymous purchases of bitcoin for under $150, larger amounts can be purchased with identification verification of customers. For small amounts, using gift cards especially, this exchange has been popular for years to buy bitcoin.


Anonymous Purchases Under $150


Worldwide Acceptance

Visa and MasterCard and Cash Accepted


Still quite popular for people worldwide to buy and sell bitcoin, the recent introduction of KYC (know your customer) requirements to trade have caused some users to look to an alternate exchange. The peer to peer trades for Dollars, Yuan, Real, Pounds and almost every other currency, have made the exchange one of the top options for US, Canada, Latin America and China bitcoin buyers.


Peer to Peer Bitcoin Buying and Selling


Available Worldwide

Cash, Bank Transfers and Wires


Although attempting to keep KYC requirements to a minimum, certain countries like the United States and Germany will always require some form of a “regulated” exchange to follow know your customer rules. Selling bitcoin securely to people since 2011, gives Kraken top marks for being a trusted exchange though.


Similar to Localbitcoins, without the identification requirements, customers at Paxful can buy and sell bitcoin for any gift card from amazon, western union, iTunes and Visa pre-paid cards.


Peer to Peer Bitcoin Buying and Selling


Available Worldwide

Buy Bitcoin With Any Gift Card

More Popular Exchanges to Buy Bitcoin by Country

Europe has been one of the largest and most trusted exchanges for users buying and selling bitcoin and altcoins. Operating since 2011 throughout Europe, the exchange is considered by many to be one of the top exchanges in Europe.


Founded in 2014, Bitpanda is another European “digital currency” platform trusted by thousands of customers across Europe.

Anycoin Direct

This Netherlands based exchange is so legitimate they even have a VAT number. We saw it, it’s VAT: NL853504234B01. Anycoin Direct have also been buying and selling bitcoins and altcoins since 2014.

Like and Bitpanda, Anycoin started in one European country and all serve everywhere in Europe currently.


Asia is full of exchanges, many of the original exchanges for bitcoin were based out of Japan, China and Hong Kong. Every country has a regulated “trusted” bitcoin exchange, like Bitcoin Indonesia in Indonesia or zebpay in India. Since every country has an “underground” bitcoin market that people use, we usually cover those in the crypto country areas for the larger bitcoin “scenes.”


Huobi and OKCoin are the top two exchanges used in China and surrounding countries in Asia. The most common form of purchasing bitcoin anonymously in the country involves the bitcoin meetup groups in every country though. This is because trusting the People’s Bank of China is not a wise thing to do.

South America

The amount of bitcoin and altcoin transactions throughout Latin America is truly astounding. There are larger exchanges in Brazil like Foxbit and Satoshi Tango in Argentina, however we don’t really cover the ones connected to Latin America banking verification.

With Venezuela’s Bolivar going under and people fleeing or starving in the country, the entire continent is changing with Bitcoin being more valuable than local currencies for many people. The crypto currency country guides linked by country cover a lot more options than finding an exchange the banks and government have allowed in the country. for example, selling bitcoin in Chile, Columbia and Peru, has had their bank accounts closed by various banks throughout Latin America. The closures did not affect any customers balances.

However, it is clear the banking sector throughout Latin America will continue trying to stop bitcoin sales as much as possible. This is because Latin American banks are competing with US Banks, to see who can be more shady, and Latin America is winning.

North America


The banks in Canada will delay transfers to crypto currency exchanges, the longest running and most trusted exchange currency would be Quadrigacx.

There are over 500 bitcoin ATM’s throughout the country currently, so finding one with decent fee’s to buy bitcoin shouldn’t be too difficult. Ontario and Quebec appear to be the main drivers of bitcoin currently, flying to Montreal for bitcoin and Maple syrup should be on most people’s
“to do” list.

Meetup groups in every city will also connect buyers and sellers while this new technology, and how to transact with them, are still changing.


Since 2014, Bitso and Volabit have been the two most trusted bitcoin exchanges with millions of Peso’s being paid for Bitcoin through them.

United States

The amount of exchanges serving the US are many, the amount of good ones are few. Kraken and Gemini are two of the oldest and most used exchanges by Americans.

There is a site called Coinbase that a lot of people talk about over there, but we don’t. This is because Coinbase is believed to want a monopoly, making them evil to some and loved only by their investors, friends and relatives.


As one of the countries that needs bitcoin the most, they sure have weird ways of buying bitcoin in Africa. The exchanges Ice X and Luno have been selling bitcoin in Africa since 2013 and dominate the sales on regulated exchanges in the country. South Africa and Kenya have been buying so much bitcoin and bitcoin miners that there is a large underground market for buying and selling bitcoin in the country.

The Cape Town Bitcoin Meetup group appears to be quite active with helping people in Africa buy and sell bitcoin, the listings on gumtree (Craigslist over there) kind of worry us a little bit. The Bitcoin ATM’s in Kenya and South Africa are also common for buying bitcoin.


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