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The state of Nevada’s sports betting monopoly has come to an end in America. The US Supreme Court ruled 6:1 to strike down the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PAPSA) of 1992. This opens the door for states to pass sports betting legislation, since PAPSA was the federal bill preventing legal sports betting across the country for over two decades.


When is Sports Betting Legal across the US?

It will still be a long time for many states to pass legislation for legal sports betting. Some states like New Jersey (who filed the motion against PAPSA), could have legal sports betting offered as soon as two weeks from now.

Where to Bet on Sports in New Jersey?

Unfortunately, this is only planned at Monmouth Park initially, as the racetrack built a sports betting facility anticipating this change. Even more unfortunate, they partnered with William Hill as a bookmaker.

Considering the £6.2 million fine they received for lacking proper money laundering controls in February, this should come as good news to the shareholders of their stock. Let’s hope they aren’t ranked one of the worst companies to work for in America like they have been in the United Kingdom.

Other States offering Sports Betting?

Oregon, Delaware and Montana already had exceptions written into PASPA to allow wagering on individual games. None have announced plans to pass further legislation regarding sports betting. West Virginia and Pennsylvania have actually passed legislation to prepare for this change.

It is estimated that 32 states will allow legal sports betting within 5 years of the federal ban being overturned.

Where can US sports bettors bet currently?

Thousands have been betting on sports for the past decade for real money and now bitcoin even. Perhaps some sports sites and bettors in the US were well aware how unconstitutional the act was and decided to gamble anyways.