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Online Lotto Tickets

Buying lottery tickets online for 6/49, Powerball, Mega Millions, EuroMillions and the UK National Lottery has become fairly standard for residents of any country these lotteries are offered. The newest offer online from many websites buying tickets for people in countries they don’t reside in, has peeked more than a few regulators interests around the world.

The cost to buy lottery tickets through sites like lottoland is 200% higher than at a retail outlet, making the odds of winning even more difficult to swallow for a lot of lottery players. The $2.00 tickets costing as much as $5.00 each for Mega Millions, Powerball and other $100 million jackpots, leaves most lottery enthusiasts looking for other options online.

Bitcoin Lotteries

The bitcoin lottery craze usually picks up whenever the price of bitcoin is increasing, creating some jackpots for digital gold that even non-gamblers want to get into.

While there isn’t necessarily a favorite or best bitcoin lottery online currently, there are a few options for bitcoin holders worldwide to play lotto online.

Yet Another Bitcoin Lottery

The name kind of speaks for itself, however this is a lottery with regular drawings players can participate in as well as “Instant Lottery” games to get their losing over with quickly. The rare lottery offered around the world with a provably fair drawing of numbers for tickets.

Bitcoin Lottery

Languages Supported: English, ไทย, 中文, русский, Português, Español, Deutsche and Türk

Yet Another BTC Lotto

Anonymous Lottery Winnings

Freebitco.in Lottery

One of the longest running bitcoin lotteries, since 2013 Freebitco.in has been running a provably-fair lottery game that draws winners once a week. The top payouts are usually 1-2 Bitcoin for the top prize but considering they offer free bitcoin to try the game, players have nothing to lose by trying it out.


Languages Supported: English


Anonymous Lottery Winnings

Lotto 5 out of 36

Bitcoin lottery 5 out of 36 is drawing every 5 minutes throughout the day and offered by many bitcoin casinos online. The online version may be somewhat comparible to Russia’s Gosloto 5/36 Lottery, we aren’t allowed in Russia so don’t really know.


Languages Supported: English, 日本語, ไทย,

中文, русский, Português, Español, Deutsche and Türk

1300+ Games

Top Slots by NetEnt, Yggdrasil, Quickspin, Play’n Go, Gameart, Pragmatic Play, Quickfire, Gameart, OneTouch and more



Lotto 5 out of 36, Live Dealer Roulette, Blackjack, Sic Bo and Baccarat



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High Cost of Online Lottery Tickets

Sites like Lottopark and lottoland offer a “service” to purchase players lottery tickets in countries people don’t reside. Unfortunately the cost for tickets and transferring of funds to these sites can be rather annoying to customers.



6 tickets for $25.50 on lottoland, $4.25 each. Or lottopark 5 tickets for €19.50 ($22.75) $4.55 each for a ticket that sells for €2.50 per line. The bitcoin lottery options will at least put twice the money to lottery tickets, roulette and blackjack have better odds.


US PowerBall Tickets

For €19.35 lottopark will sell you 5 powerball tickets, still over $4 per ticket. The lottoland PowerBall tickets cost $24 for 6, the $2 tickets cost $4 through their service. Plus other fee’s of course for transferring funds to the site to buy the tickets, we would play slots before buying lottery tickets through them.


$4 per ticket (with a minimum amount purchase required obviously) will get you a mega millions ticket at LottoLand. Lottopark have all tickets listed as costing more than $4 after the euro conversion and fee’s added onto purchasing the tickets.

Lotto 6/49

This Canadian jackpot lottery rarely hits the $100 million mark for international lottery enthusiasts to look into purchasing a ticket. The options found at all retailers online make the $2 tickets over $4 for each purchase through different websites. We would play bitcoin poker, which has better odds, before we’d buy a 6/49 ticket online though.

UK National Lottery

The UK lottery offering on various sites, even the prize pools seem low enough most people would play their local national lotteries. The odds of winning are 1 and 13,983,816, so we would play bitcoin roulette personally.

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